Solar Screens

Solar Screens help to preserve energy, deter insects, and they can add to curb appeal.

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Solar Screens

Every house needs solar screens for a number of reasons. They provide a barrier to protect you from insects, they can help to lower energy costs, and they increase your privacy. At Texan Glass & Solar Control, we custom make our solar screens to your exact specifications. You’re able to customize everything including the size, color, opacity, and grid style. Contact us today!


Our solar screens are custom made, so you can build yours from the ground up- including opacity, color choice, and design.

Leaving a window unprotected will allow most of the sun’s rays to enter your home and radiate, which is why solar screens are the most efficient way to reduce heat in your home. Texan Solar Screens can reduce up to 90% of the sun’s warming rays, which will help you maintain the temperature in your house. Stopping the suns ray’s before they hit your window is the best way to accomplish this. This also reduces the load on your air conditioner and reduces fading on upholstery and furniture.

Texan Solar Screens also improve daytime privacy and reduce glare. You maintain your outside visibility and keep ventilation and airflow intact. Solar screens also provide great insect control. Corpus Christi solar screens are cosmetically appealing for commercial and residential applications. Let our qualified solar screen technicians install, or choose to do it yourself.

Solar Screens

The US Department of Energy states that exterior shading devices are about 50% more effective than internal devices at blocking solar heat. It has been stated that shading your windows and doors from the outside can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 20-30 degrees. Shading from the inside, such as tinting, shades or blinds will allow the heat to get inside your house. This will not produce as much effectiveness as exterior shading.

Texan Solar Screens

The quality sun blocking weave can be custom made in a range from 65% up to 90% blockage of the suns ultraviolet

Avoid the Black Hole Look! Are you shying away from solar screens because you’re not sure how they might look on your house? Is the house down the street ugly now because they put up all black screens that look like black holes? Don’t fear, all solar screen companies are not created equal. Texan Solar Screens carries frames that come in many different colors. Our technical advisers can offer suggestions for screen and frame colors, based on your house. We look at paint, trim and brick colors and offer ideas of what might look best for you.

  Solar Screens
Solar Screens Come In 4 Different Colors

Solar Screens

Stucco 90% with Champagne Frames / Colonial Grids

90% Black
90% Black / White Frame Colonial

Texan Solar Screens

Black 90% / White Frames

Solar Screens


Avoid Black Holes and Forgotten Windows!

Black Holes

Watch out for “Tailgators”- the guy who builds screens in his garage on the weekends. He wants to sell you one thing, Black Holes. That’s because that is what he has the most of. Look at your house and all the available colors and make a good choice. Also keep in mind what the outside will look like, don’t just cover a room because its hot and not the other ones on the same side. When putting screens on the front especially, you might want to cover all windows just to keep the cosmetic look appealing. Let Texan Solar Screens Corpus Christi give you a quote today.

Corpus Christi Solar Screen Benefits

  • Save Money on Electricity
  • Reduce Fading on couches, carpet and upholstery
  • Increase Privacy / Security for Home
  • Block the Sun, Not the View
  • Reduce Glare Inside on TV
  • Custom Built for Your Home or Business