Roll Shades

Whether interior or exterior, roll shades are a worthwhile investment and timeless addition to any space.

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Interior Roll Shades

Tired of pesky cords and annoying blinds that always seem to break? Or are you looking for an interior shade solution that’s safe for children and pets? Interior roll shades are an excellent solution for any home. Not only are they highly functional and easy to operate, but they also add a polished look to any space. Call us at the number below to speak to a shades specialist!

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Tired of the hassle of pesky blinds and annoying cords? Outfitting your home with interior roll shades makes solar control easy.

Exterior Roll Shades

If you’re looking to get more use out of your outdoor space, exterior roll shades are an excellent option. Exterior roll shades can help with insect prevention, heat management, privacy, and more. We carry a variety of options including zipper track, manual, cable drawn, and more. If you’d like to speak to a specialist about our exterior roll shades, give us a call or submit the form at the bottom of this page!

roll shades corpus christi victoria texas

Exterior roll shades turn your patio into a more usable space, providing privacy, heat management, and insect prevention.

What’s the Difference Between Interior and Exterior Roll Shades?

We carry roll shades for both interiors as well as exteriors. Interior shades are used as window furnishings, and roll shades are much easier to operate (and better to look at) than typical window furnishings like blinds. Exterior roll shades go on the outside of your house and are usually used to enclose an outdoor space. For instance, many of our customers choose to have exterior roll shades installed on their porches or patios. This creates a place where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about things like insects or glare. Exterior roll shades are made from material that can withstand the outdoors, and if you choose the motorized option then there will need to be an outlet nearby or the help of an electrician to run electricity to the shades.

How Much Do Roll Shades Cost?

As much as we’d like to answer this question, the true answer is that there is an enormous range of prices. This is largely due to the fact that windows come in all shapes and sizes. For outdoor spaces, you may have an opening that needs a 10 foot shade. For indoor spaces, you might have a curved window, or one that extends floor-to-ceiling. Because of this, the price of our roll shades ranges quite a bit. To get more information on what to expect, we invite you to give us a call to speak to one of our roll shade specialists!

Are Roll Shades Safe for Children? Are They Safe for Pets?

Yes! If your looking for a solution that’s safe for children and/or pets, roll shades are the absolute best option. Not only this, but roll shades are much easier to operate than blinds and other window furnishings. If you’d like to explore our catalog, give us a call and we can set you up with a specialist.

Do You Carry Multiple Styles, Like Roman Shades and Roller Blinds?

Yes! We’ve partnered with brands like Norman to provide our customers with a broad variety of window furnishings and outdoor patio/porch shades. We work with brands known for their high quality, and all our furnishings are custom made to fit your home.

Can You See Out Of Roll Shades?

Since the opacity of our shades is custom, the answer to this question varies. Typically, most of our customers choose an opacity that allows them to see outside. So whether you’re looking for interior or exterior roll shades, you can select an option that will allow you to see outside and prevent others from seeing in. A common misconception is that light colored shades will help you see outside clearer, but this is the opposite of the truth. In fact, dark colored shades actually offer you the clearest view.